News from Nowhere Land

Five islands of Utopia constructed out of 133 mobile speakers, sensitive to light, come alive, to resonate sounds that have been designed to transport the viewer into a state of Utopia in the space created by the artist to “day-dream”. Similar to the nature of ecology, darkness will silence all sounds. Sounds include: Love Frequency(528Hz):This is the frequency to possibly re-construct DNA. Idea that all beings have a psychic connection through unseen frequencies and that Utopia can be attained through an awareness of how we resonate with one another | Universal Consciousness (Crown-chakra frequency) | Communication (Thinned out radio waves and satellite recording) | Nature (Eco-System) Little utopias in themselves | Thought (Manipulated human voices of people talking about Utopia) Sharing thoughts over great distances.

Sound: Kari Rae Seekins
Engineer: Paul Chacko

All Rights Reserved@ Copyrights 2008 NANDITA KUMAR