TITLE: ” aN iNteLLliGENT dESiGn?

Dimension of the 5 pieces:
1. 12″*8.5″—-“tHe weiGHTless bURden
2. 9″*10″—–” Pill Junkies”
3. 8″*9″——-i luvvvv Vaginas!
4. 6″*8″ —–deep, down Under
5. 14″*10″ —–fabrication n beyond

Myths and stories are told about the pill and its side effects. It is a signifier of promiscuity. It also dangles that elusive notion of choice. But the question comes down to whether it is an intelligently designed pill, which has barely seen an evolution in the last 50yrs? “aN iNteLLliGENT dESiGn?” is a touch in cheek piece on the 50 year of the Pill. The Pill delves into questions of sex, pleasure, fear and the changing role of women on a global scale. It operates symbolically, taking on traits and characterizations.

This piece comprises of a number of small format canvases linked together with a series of pipes. With the plumbing mimicking fallopian tubes and other bodily organs, the work is a satirical take on the effects of the pill on the female body. The plumbing sets in a sequential narration which narrates the before and the after-math of the pill being introduced.

Jaishri Abichandani | Sarnath Banerjee | Ayesha Durrani | Kaif Ghaznavi | Tushar Joag | Abir Karmakar | Swati Khurana | Nandita Kumar | Tazeen Qayyum | Mithu Sen | Vito Tumbarello



Nandita Kumar is a new media artist who works in varied mediums to create immersive environmental spaces.

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