pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE
Size: 50cm diameter 60cm height
Elements used: Copper, Acrylic, PCB components, Raspberry Pi, Sensor, LCD
Contains 2 videos which are time-lapsed and stop motion technique is used.

The modern city provides both a culturally resonant imagined space and a physical place for the everyday life of its residents. The development of a city plays an important role in the way it stirs and shapes our consciousness. The artist who lives in-between 2 cities: India and New Zealand observes two hugely variant human ecologies.

pOLymORpHic hUMansCApE is an interactive biosphere in a bottle which explores two days in an urban landscape. This installation wishes to evoke discussions on the problems faced by Indian Cities due to urbanization, high population growth, and the development of slums. The rapid urbanization has spread widely in the last decades, as more and more people are moving to cities in pursuit of better career, social and personal opportunities. At the same time, this massive migration strains the systems that run our cities. Over-crowded transport routes, disappearing spaces, lack of nature, ancient water systems serving a greater population than could have ever been imagined – with city living, all sorts of problems arise that can have a serious impact on our well-being.

Our existing cities should incorporate ideologies target towards sustainable human ecology, which is oriented towards furthering human consciousness. Better cities are about improved human capital, less incidence of disease, more opportunity for leisure and, thus, less stress, making for a more productive, happier workforce in general, which will also contribute to the economy.

Video Documentation by Sophie Winqvist
The art piece has silent Videos but for Documentation, music is by Monolake.

Engineer: Sajal Nagwanshi



Nandita Kumar is a new media artist who works in varied mediums to create immersive environmental spaces.

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