2011-Launch of ELA @ Bombay Electric


Transhuman Collective Collaborates with Nandita Kumar for the eLA Brand Launch. She created an installation for the launch of fashion designer Joyjit Talukdar.

Everyday in this world in numerous amounts of products are created. Whether they are in sync with the biosphere is the question? The previous generation was more involved with the industrial revolution without thinking the effects of the varied products created. The new conscious demands us to think in cycles and cause-effects. The “butterfly effect” prevails.

Fusing with the ideology of “eLA”, Nandita have mutated functional objects such as a chair, embroidery ring, books etc with nature. The four windows form a story where a multitude of birds spread the knowledge to create and support “bio- synced-technology”. These advancements can be in any field of technology from fashion, art, science, architecture etc. The external installation resonates the same thought. The trunk of the “tree of enlightenment” is shaped like the human DNA, symbolic to new evolution.

The material usage varies from roots, wooden beads, Multani mitti, Non BT-cotton, jute, bio-degradable and recycled objects.




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